WG2 Strategic Fundraising Services.

WG2 boosts the impact of purpose-driven organizations through effective fundraising counsel and capacity-building services.  WG2 can help you realize your mission with fundraising training, customized plans and audits, effective donor engagement strategies, and capacity building services.

Board and Leadership Training. 

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your board?  WG2’s customized training prepares your leadership volunteers to be better board members, ambassadors, and fundraisers for your mission.  Through one-on-one or group retreats, WG2 will work with your organization board and lead staff to increase skills in fundraising and communications, build better governance systems, and train new and existing board members.  WG2 can elevate your organizational leadership to achieve better results.

Fund Development Plans.

Do you want your organization to soar?  A customized fund development plan increases your ability to surpass your goals while making sure you have what it takes to succeed.  WG2’s comprehensive plans maximize outcomes by assessing needs and capacity, developing goals, and identifying and engaging donors. 

Fundraising Audits.

How can your development staff work smarter and better?  Experienced in nonprofit leadership, WG2 knows how high-functioning development programs work.  WG2 will analyze your organizational and development program strengths, and provide right-sized strategies to maximize your results.

Donor Engagement Strategies.

Do you want to build stronger relationships with your top donors?  A leader in donor engagement strategies, WG2 can increase your ability to build robust relationships with your most valued donors, stakeholders, and prospects. 

Supporting Foundations.

Do you want your supporting organization to achieve greater success?  Your foundation plays a vital role in increasing community support for your charitable mission.  WG2 will work with your organization to increase mission alignment, boost capacity to support the organization, and expand its ability to advocate for your cause.