Barb Vicory, MSW, MUP, CFRE

Passionate about consulting and working with thought leaders in purpose-driven organizations, I built WG2 to boost nonprofit success by improving fundraising effectiveness to accomplish goals.  

After leading fundraising initiatives in a small Detroit nonprofit, I began consulting with women’s organizations at the Michigan Women’s Foundation, building leadership skills and creating strategic plans.  The visionary leaders with whom I worked were able to achieve so much more through effective planning and strategy development; it is that energy that propels WG2 into action.

With over 25 years of leadership advancement and executive director experience in top nonprofits in health, human services, education, the arts, and the environment, I understand nonprofits and have led successful capital campaign and major gifts initiatives.

I founded WG2 to focus on nonprofits to improve their fundraising results and accomplish their purpose. Having been on both sides of the consulting relationship, WG2 does not offer cookie-cutter packages that land on a shelf and stay there.  WG2’s philosophy is one of right-sized, customized solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

And, with direct experience in founding supporting organizations, I also work with foundations as they initiate or increase their efficacy and build resources to accomplish their mission. WG2 can guide your organization and your board toward the right solutions.